Red River Climbing - Muir Valley 3-6-16 - Kyle Koeberlein

Friends of Muir Valley (FOMV)

FOMV is a volunteer-based organization that owns, operates, and maintains Muir Valley. FOMV was originally formed in 2004 as a volunteer organization to provide volunteer labor and raise funds to help maintain Muir Valley and keep it open to the public. The FOMV is one of the top Access Fund chartered Local Climbing Organizations.

The relationship between Muir Valley Nature Preserve LLC and Friends of Muir Valley

Muir Valley is the name given a tract of land purchased by Rick and Liz Weber in 2004, which they developed, operated, and maintained as Muir Valley Nature Preserve LLC through March 31, 2015. The Webers made access to Muir Valley free to the public for the purpose of rock climbing, hiking, and enjoying nature. It was the their vision from the onset to make Muir Valley available to the public in perpetuity by gifting it to a non-profit organization. The Webers have nurtured FOMV over the past eleven years, and it became their choice as the eventual owner/operator of Muir Valley. With FOMV's amazing fundraising drive in 2014, it demonstrated that it was more than capable to take over ownership and management of Muir Valley and keep it running into the future to the standards set by the Webers. On March 31, 2015, the Muir Valley Nature Preserve LLC was dissolved when Rick and Liz Weber donated Muir Valley to FOMV.

FOMV is now a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation. Donations to FOMV are tax deductible for those donors who itemize deductions.


Red River Climbing - Muir Valley 3-6-16