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The RV Expert - Kyle Koeberlein With Wife Jansen Koeberlein

Not only is Kyle Koeberlein the partner to his wonder wife's photography business. He is also the RV account manager at Bluegrass International Trucks, Buses, RV's, & Idealease. The dealership is located in Georgetown, KY and he can say that he is very proud to be a part of this family business for the past 13 years. The dealership currently carries new Renegade RV's, American Coach class B's, and various used units. Our family frequently travels in our class C RV and as a family of 3, plus the little fur ball. We truly love the lifestyle and understand how hard it is to get honest & knowledgeable help when making a RV Purchase. Walking into a dealership blind can be a big gamble as far as who you get to work with and their morals. I can promise that a visit or phone call with Kyle is well worth your time and an educational experience.

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Kyle Koeberlein

RV Account Manager

Bluegrass International Trucks, Buses, RV's, & Idealease

101 Triport Circle, Georgetown, KY 40324

Contact Phone: (502) 370-1289

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