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The Back Story

I finally made it to my first Bluegrass Wildwater Association meeting in January 2016 after being a member for a few years. I remember sitting there listening to club president Bob Larkin talk about how important it is to  support American Whitewater and their efforts. Most of the conversation revolved around how can we increase memberships and awareness of their efforts. It's not like the membership is expensive, right? I'll be honest and say that I only joined AW myself in 2014 but have been reaping the benefits a decade before that. Like many other people. It feels like I've used the their website a million times to check water levels. As I was listening to Bob talk. My wheels started turning and realized that I already love taking photographs of the river community. Why not raise awareness and generate small donations for American Whitewater. I had some hesitation to charge people because I thoroughly enjoyed everyone's appreciation for what I was doing and it was free. After much thought and gathering opinions from some of my fellow boaters. I finally came to the conclusion to charge $3 for a high res download and donate all the profits to American Whitewater. I'm glad to report that the response from the boating community has been amazing. 

Most Important Thing Of All

Highly consider joining American Whitewater if you haven't already. Support your local boating club. Keep an eye out for the next river clean up in your area. Definitely one of the most rewarding experiences I've had on the water. 

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