Lexington Beer Aficionados - Kyle & Jansen Koeberlein

Lexington Beer Aficionados

The Lexington Beer Aficionados sprang forth into the community of Lexington, KY in a very organic way. A few of the founding members initially met at Pazzo’s Pizza Pub. Originally there were two main groups that had been frequenting the weekly Pint Night specials on Wednesday. After running into each other regularly, they combined groups and formed a bit of a loose functioning social club that wasn’t much more than a large group of friends meeting each Wednesday at Pazzo’s. Soon the jovial, festive, and at times animated, members quickly attracted new friends and our numbers swelled. Organizing our weekly outing became downright challenging, so Kyle Hoelscher created a list serve to help coordinate our Pint Night visits and other social outings. Lacking inspiration and focusing on the main topic of enthusiasm for the group, LexingtonBeerAficianados became the list serve and our merry bunch of beverage connoisseurs.

Source: http://www.lexingtonbeeraficionados.com/

Pint Night 1-28-16